Your body's dead, you're a [word]instead

~It's a good story~

A crown not of thorns but of nails
16 July 1990
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human behavior

Name is Almy. Has a vagina. 19 years spent under the sun. Likes Girls. Ogles older men. Runs and lives wild in the woods of Pennsylvania. In debt thanks to Penn State. Full time organic vegetarian, getting there vegan. Mind of a 16 year old boy. Thinks writing is linked to her heart beat. Wears NatKei and Vkei. Cosplays to be a nerd. Video game superstar. Believes one day her car will turn out to be an Autobot but is secretly hoping it turns out to be a Decepticon.

Creepy things, marionettes, writing style > Story line, minor characters with little back story, Hideo Kojima speaking English, CAPLOCKS communities, writing things no one really understands, dancing while grocery shopping, Burning Skags, cons, making lists, tits.

--"You rewrite your novels with blood you spill. Your not the story you once where. We are on a different page, and your ink is running and I’m running to far away. Don’t catch me, don’t catch me."--

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